Zero being created.

  • When Zero is unlocked, he reveals his name as "Zero Zephyrum".
  • Zero's body was formerly from a deceased ancient hero, resurrected into an artificial demon by Oz. Zero was intended to wield Grandark.
  • According to the dialogue in Kamiki's Castle, Zero is a vagabond who constantly wanders the world with the Grandark being dragged behind him, leaving off an odd trail.


Carta Protótipo Zero 04

"Zero... Kill... Zero... Destroys everything..."

  • Zero's physical appearance resembles an elf (pointed ears), suggesting that the deceased ancient hero was an elf and not a demon (lack of horns, dark skin coloration).
    • However, Veigas is an asmodian and has a pale skin and has no horns, possibly disproving this.
  • The Brazilian server was the first server to receive Zero and right after it was secondly released in the the Korean server, mimicking Dio's release into the North American server.
  • According to a comic book (and a card in the Brazilian and Philippine server) Zero had a "previous version", called "Prototype Zero".
    • There was also a limited edition armor set released in the Philippines server named Proto Zero having the same appearance and color schemes as Prototype Zero.
      • This armor was also released in the North American server having the name changed to Zero the Hero. This armor set was available to those who purchased the Wandering Hero Package during his pre-release. However, the card does not exist.
  • In the North American Website of the game, there is no data of Zero's Age, Likes, or Pet Peeves.
  • Many of Zero's abilities mimic those of other characters.
  • According to the dialogue in Thunder Hammer, Zero claims that he met Elscud on his travels.
    • There is also a mini-comic on the Naver Blog with Zero fighting Elscud, with Grandark praising Elscud's abilities to be higher than expected for a human.
  • Like Arme, Ronan, Lass, Sieghart, Dio, Ley, and Rufus, despite the fact that darkness is shown in this game as evil and that demons are generally viewed as such, Zero uses his powers for the good of mankind.

    Zero without mask

  • If Zero is equipped with a Lower Head Accessory, it will be invisible, most likely due to the mask interfering.
  • Despite Zero having actual eyes, to what purpose his mask is for remains unknown.
    • It's possible the mask covers Zero's identity, due to the fact the body he possesses once belonged to an ancient hero.
    • It's also possible that the mask covers Zero's eyes because it has no shine.
  • Like Dio, when Zero appears armorless, he seems to have a type of shoes on yet they leave the toes exposed. In addition, the numbers "00" are engraved on his clothes. These are located on the chest.
  • In Sword Stance, Grandark's "Eye" can be seen loking around and blinking. During Grandark Domination, Grandark's edges seem to ripple.
  • Advancer's official artwork shows Grandark being, in a way, less emphasized than the previous job classes. This is a nod to his background story, wherein Zero learns to rely on his own power rather than Grandark's.
  • Zero and Amy are the only characters in the game to say their names in their quotes and skills.