Game Start

"Will I find what I seek today?"
"Alright... There seems to be no other solution..."
"I... am... Zero...!"
"My journey starts now."

When Attacking

"Too slow!"


"Classic Force!"
"Triple Bash!"
"Gran X!"
"Bleeding Gash!"
"Rude Pressure!"
"Zero Domain!"
"Sword Defence!"
"Bite Off!"
"Mega Slash!"
"Two-Hand Smash!"
"Huge Impact!"
"Slash Chaser!"
"Shining Gran!"
"Zero Domination!"
"Dimensional Fissure!"


"Am I supposed to keep on fighting now?"
"Gran, am I supposed to keep at it?"
"Heh! You seem to be hitting your limits!"
"You seem overwhelmed. Maybe you should stop?"


"Urgh! Alright, let's do this proper!"
"Ugh! Sorry, Gran."

Game End

"Argh... I'm so sorry..."
"Fighting is the only way to prove myself!"
"Just you wait, Eclipse!"
"That's not him either!"

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