Yamini, also known as Juriore, is the boss of the Altar of Judgement, and the Goddess of Judgment.

Yamini is the holder of the Orb of Judgment.

When Grand Chase first meet her, she is under the control of the Ascendant God and was conducting a ritual that would freeze the entire continent. Thus, the Grand Chase needed to free her from his control.


Yamini uses a variety of magical-type attacks. She is capable of summoning lasers that hit continuously and drag the player with her. Yamini commonly targets a single player when using this skill. Sometimes, she summons many tornadoes into the field, which are capable of juggling players if caught in a tornado next to the wall.

Commonly, Yamini will "crouch" down for a second, before raising back up. When this happens, numerous orbs spread out from her, which will hurt players if touched, and any others who touch the crystal that forms after the orb has been touched. Its speed and activation is similar to the Spell Knight's Lunatic Force Lv 3.

Approximately 3 Ice Fangs appear in the battle with Yamini, and she can replace them if possible.

There are two that, before activation, will have their name appear on the screen, and a scale tilting. Whichever side the scale tilts, that side will be affected.
The first one is called Cursed Fate, with two ways. First is "Dark Judgment", whereas if players get hit with any attack, her health becomes restored. The second is "Light Judgment", whereas if players hit Yamini, they will be healed instead. A third is not segmented, but she may use a debuff spell, erasing stat properties. It is possible to cancel Cursed Fate by attacking her right before she uses it; she will flinch and no buff/debuff will occur.
The second is called Death Sentence or Scale of Death, Yamini's Danger attack, where a infinite vertical wall of explosions are made from the altar to one side. The attack deals maximum damage (99,999), instantly annihilating anyone who is hit by it unless they have Super Armor.


  • She is the only Deity that actually gets stunned by attacks.
  • It is suggested that Yamini is actually a mechanical being as the scale she rides on seem mechanical.
  • There is actually an upper half of a snake's head attached to her. This is because that snakes are actual symbols of "judgment".
  • Yamini embodies the symbols of 'Blind Justice', notably seen at courts of Law as Lady Justice, wielding both Scales and a Sword in her hands, as well as being blindfolded.
  • Yamini is one of two monsters that has a one-hit KO ability, the other being Hellish Gardosen.