The map of the Xenia Continent

Xenia is a floating archipelago to the north of Aernas. It consists of eight dungeons and is home to the Deities, but the whole land is falling under a new age of darkness.


Players must clear the Battle for Bermesiah in order to unlock Xenia.


The following dungeons are on the archipelago of Xenia, in order of appearance:

Xenia Border
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 54-56
  • StarStarStar2: Level 55-57
  • StarStarStar: Level 56-58

Champ: Level 57-59 ▐ Crest: Frontier Legend

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 56-58
  • StarStarStar2: Level 57-59
  • StarStarStar: Level 58-60

Champ: Level 59-61 ▐ Crest: Nature's Messiah

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 58-60
  • StarStarStar2: Level 59-61
  • StarStarStar: Level 60-62

Champ: Level 61-63 ▐ Crest: Mynos Slayer

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 60-62
  • StarStarStar2: Level 61-63
  • StarStarStar: Level 62-64

Champ: Level 63-65 ▐ Crest: Keeper of the Flame

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 60-62
  • StarStarStar2: Level 61-63
  • StarStarStar: Level 62-64

Champ: Level 65-67 ▐ Crest: Warrior's Judgment

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 62-64
  • StarStarStar2: Level 63-65
  • StarStarStar: Level 64-66

Champ: Level 67-69 ▐ Crest: Fire and Brimstone

  • StarStar2Star2: Level 64-66
  • StarStarStar2: Level 65-67
  • StarStarStar: Level 66-68

Champ: Level 69-71 ▐ Crest: The Guardian of Life

Fortress of Ascension
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 68-70
  • StarStarStar2: Level 69-71
  • StarStarStar: Level 70-72

Champ: Level 73-75 ▐ Crest: Ascendant of Heavens



  • It is said that Silver Land was "split off" Xenia, but the World Map shows its connected to Bermesiah. It is probable that the information put was an error or Silver Land somehow merged with Bermesiah.
  • This continent is claimed to be a different "world".
    • Xenia is Greek for "strange/stranger", "foreign", or "of foreign origin".
  • According to the Naver Blog, the Grand Chase headed to Xenia by airship, most likely taken from either a port in Serdin or Kanavan. However, Battle for Bermesiah implies that a portal was used.


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