Wyrm Spawn

A Wyrm Spawn

Wyrm Spawns, also known as Kencru or Kenkr, can be found only in The Wyrm's Maw. They resemble small, dragon type creatures without wings, have a horn on their forehead, and a flame-tipped tail.

In Season 2, one of them greets the Grand Chase, who mistook them as their "enemies". That one Spawn also mocked Amy, calling her "Pumpkin Head".


Two attacks. They attack by ramming forward or breathing a massive amount of flame.


  • There is actually an Ice Wyrm Spawn that is completely identical to the Fire Wrym Spawn. They may have (forbiddenly) crossed into the Altar of Judgment, which then corrupted them into Ice.
  • When a Wyrm Spawn's HP is reduced to half, the flame on its tail grows.
  • Despite being a high-leveled dragon creature, the Wyrm Spawn has half the amount of attacks than a Gorgos, who is many times lower leveled.

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