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Woodens are monsters found in the Forest of Life. They are quite large, and wield a Jade Hook in conjunction with an Axe. It is said Woodens absorbed the energy of Druids.


It has three attacks and one special ability. It may do a short combo, throw some axes out, and can stomp the ground causing a spike to lift on its target's last location.

One special ability it possesses is a healing ability, where it summons a greenish aura that (slowly) recovers its own HP.

Be warned that whenever one tries to intercept an attack with a DoT object, the Wooden will get "stuck" in place with its attack being rapidly executed.

Sometimes, after killing a Wooden, a Decoy spawns on the spot where the Wooden dies.


  • Despite this monster being immensively large, it can still be stunned, frozen, petrified, etc, but not knocked down.