The Wild Force Accessories is a set of accessories that players can wear. It consists of four accessories. The color of the accessory matches the character it is for. The items can only be obtained by doing runs at from Partusay's Sea through Battle for Bermesiah.

Required Lv. 42


"[Accessorie's type] enchanted with the feral power of nature."

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Wild Force Horns

Wild Force HornsEdit


  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: 95
  • Vitality: 143

Drop LocationsEdit

GrandChase20101023 175831

Wild Force Wings

Wild Force WingsEdit


  • Attack: 119
  • Defense: 119
  • Vitality: 0

Drop LocationsEdit


Wild Force Shields

Wild Force ShieldEdit


  • Attack: 166
  • Defense: 71
  • Vitality: 0

Drop LocationsEdit


Wild Force Tail

Wild Force TailEdit


  • Attack: 95
  • Defense: 143
  • Vitality: 0

Drop LocationsEdit


From above: Elesis, Lire, Arme, Lass, Ryan, Ronan, Amy, Jin and Sieghart

Wild Force ColorsEdit


  • It is possible the Wild Force set was based off of Octus and Lenasian.
  • In Season 3, Sieghart and Dio could equip the accessories at level 35, unlike most character, where level 40 was required to equip the accessories.
  • In the Grand Chase Chaos update, all the of the Wild Force accessories were moved from Xenia to Ellia.
  • As of Chaos, the tail and shield does not drop anymore; instead it can be forged.

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