Season 3 Kamiki

Kamiki is the second boss of a two-part boss battle of the dungeon Kamiki Castle, the first being Elena. She also appears in Sanctum of Destruction, promptly renamed as Wicked Kamiki.

After Elena is defeated, Kaze'aze Lass appears and revives her, transforming her into a "Spirit of Rage" named Kamiki to take the Chase to hell and burn them there.


The attacks Kamiki uses are mostly magic, and is indicated by a large, rune-like glow on Kamiki as she prepares to unleash the skill. She is also capable of summoning 4 Dark Anmon Scouts. Kamiki may also teleport at will, but always when knocked down.

The red one (Fire) is a firewall attack that goes out horizontally on the left and right of Kamiki.
The yellow one (Light) gives Kamiki super-armor, thus she cannot be knocked down. As of Season 3, Kamiki no longer uses this spell.
The black one (Dark) is similar to Ryan's Soul Effect skill as Sentinel, and releases black bolts in multiple directions that inflict curse status.
The light blue one (Lightning) rains Thunderbolts over most sections of the field, usually on the platform where she stands. In order to be dodged, they have to be stood in between.
Last but not least, the blue one (Ice) will freeze any players too close to Kamiki, and will often put the player in a fatal status.

As for melee attacks can also swing her weapons in a quick combo and send out Air Blades like Gaikoz.

Wicked KamikiEdit

Wicked Kamiki

Wicked Kamiki

In the Sanctum of Destruction, Kamiki enhances herself up to four Wicked Kamikis, utterly more terrifying than before.

Many of her elemental attacks have changed in this form.

  • Fire shoots four medium-sized red flame orbs diagonally to the side with two on each.
  • Dark no longer shoots curse bolts, but rather, a homing dark orb that causes bind followed by a DoT effect. The number of orbs depends on how many players there are. Fortunately, the homing orbs can be destroyed by slices.
  • Lightning shoots out slow, small spark bolts in multiple directions after the rain of thunderbolts. If the spark bolts connect, it will cause a thundershock effect that causes damage and paralysis every few seconds.
    • There is a glitch where the thundershock effect can be cured with the use of an Emergency Regen Potion without spending it.
  • Ice's AoE seems to be slightly larger.


  • Kamiki is the first demon to be introduced to the game.
  • There are weapons that were designed after Kamiki.
  • Both Amy and Kamiki use Chakrani.
  • Kamiki is one of the many winged creatures who cannot fly.
  • In the Philippines trailer of the Sanctum of Destruction, it calls Kamiki a "Fallen Wizard". However, Kamiki is a magician (or more descriptively, a witch) rather than a wizard.

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