Violent Wendy

Wendy's Season 3 appearance, originally dubbed Violent Wendy

2.4 Wendy

Wendy's Season 2 appearance

Wendy is the boss of Trial Tower and the test for Elesis, Lire, and Arme to get into Grand Chase.


Wendy's attacks are an icy breath that can freeze players, a spinning ram, and pounding the ground making earthquake, in which players must jump or suffer damage.


  • There was an event set that was designed after Wendy, called the Wendigo Armor.
  • In Season 1, it was revealed that after the fight, Wendy was only faking defeat, as it was a test for Elesis, Lire, and Arme to get into Grand Chase, and is not evil.
  • In a previous event, Wendy was annoyed and it stole Christmas Wreaths. She was renamed "Violent Wendy", and had a darkish look. Also, as of Season 3, Wendy now has Violent Wendy's look.
  • In the Bermesiah Revamp, all of Wendy's current images, excluding the dialogue image, were replaced by the Violent Wendy look.
  • Wendy appears to have some relation with the Onyx Wendy of Primeval Island. On the Onyx Wendy's Monster Card, it says "I will avenge my beloved Wendy". The statement above may refer to the "evilness" she was given by KoG.

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