Violet Mage Symbol

Emblem of the Violet Mages

The Violet Mage (or Violet Magic) is a guild, which obviously by its name, a group full of Magicians. The Violet Mage Guild resides in Serdin. However, not much is known about the said guild. In the Manhwa series, it is said that the guild resides in Ranada Forest, which is near Irendil, near the Serdin Castle.
There are currently four known members in Violet Mage.


The first known member is Arme, who is a cheerful, curious, and a mana-thirsty character who feeds on Magic. After the five-year war, she heard about extraordinary magic from Kaze'aze, which could make her more superior than all the other magicians. In hopes of finding Kaze'aze, she joins the Chase.

The second member is Elena, the Elder of the Violet Mages, and was manipulated by Kaze'aze. She is found in Kamiki's Castle, which shocks Arme. She is immediately slain afterward, only for Kaze'aze Lass to appear and revive and transform her into Kamiki, who too is also slain.

Violet Mage

Arme's teacher

The leader of the Violet Mage guild is the Grand Mage. He is the most respected and the most powerful of all mages in the guild and is the adoptive grandfather of Arme. He was formerly the advisor to the Queen of Serdin. He is known in various sources as Serre.

Arme's teacher before she joined the Chase is one of the most exceptional mages in the field. She taught Arme the basic skills of magic in her time. 


  • It seems that the guild has fallen under a sort of "corruption"; two of the known members have appeared to suffer from greed of power, and one of them became a traitor.

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