Veron (or Vairne) is one of two bosses that appear in the Relics of Kounat,the other being Drawl. He is one of many leaders of the demonic forces and though a lower ranking officer, he is said to possess immense power. Veron is a more powerful Assassin Champion.

While players attempt to destroy the Dimensional Portal, Veron's Ghost will appear as an attempt to delay them.

A powered-up version of Veron, named Commander "The Dark Staff", is set to appear in Kounat's Collapse.


Veron attacks by throwing fast moving dark spheres, shooting five spikes up or down, a tornado that stays in one place for a lengthy time, focused dark energy by running down in place and brings it to rise, and multiple blasts of energy from above while sometimes chasing a player.

The powered Veron holds two dark orbs near his hands. He attacks by sending a harmless lightning charge that chases the player, and after a short time the lightning charge will lock in position and turn into a lightning bolt; he can generate two frost orbs, one on his side, which have a short range and freeze the player. His DANGER attack consists in going up high and summoning a line of enormous dark thorns from the above; the thorn located directly above him is slower than the others. To avoid this, the player must stand under him, as there is a gap in the line, then move right away after the first wave of thorns fell.

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