• Veigas makes the difficult journey traversing through Trivia in order to enter Aernas and take revenge on Dio.
  • In "A Realization of the Prophecy", the two disciples Veigas is implied to have defeated are Lass and Amy, with Sieghart barely managing to escape death. This is signified by their absence in the aftermath of the comic.


  • Veigas's sentient weapon, Deus, is named after "Deus Ex Machina", meaning "God from the Machine" in Latin.
  • Veigas is the second character to levitate, the first being Ley.
  • Veigas is the first playable character to be an antagonist.
  • Veigas is the second character to wield a sentient weapon, the first being Zero.
  • Veigas bears a striking resemblance to Ashtaroth's human form.
  • Veigas must finish all the dungeons in Trivia in order to access the game's shop, normal dungeons, PVP, and common missions.
  • Veigas's weapon and animations bears similarities to the ones visible in Elsword's Henir's Time and Space.
    • His wristband accessory also bears a strong resemblance to the ones male fighters wear in the Elsword universe.