Map of Trivia

Located at the end of Elyos, Trivia is a barren region at the edge of a massive floating island surrounded by mountains and several island clusters. It is the threshold to the portal opening into Aernas, and Asmodians wishing to enter Aernas must first pass through this region. However, not all Asmodians are able to handle the soul devouring darkness, and Trivia is protected by black holes that suck and destroy the souls of all invaders. The dimensional portal itself is located in an unexplored region in Bermesiah.

Like île de Frost, dungeons in Trivia do not have portals; instead, arcane circles block dungeon progression until all the monsters in the section of the room the player is in are cleared. Furthermore, partying is not allowed in this region and pets cannot attack in the dungeons.


Trivia does not need to be unlocked for Veigas. However, Trivia cannot be accessed by any other character other than Veigas.


Goliath Habitat
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 1
  • StarStarStar2: Level 2
  • StarStarStar: Level 3

Champ: Level 4 ▐ Crest: Goliath Habitat

Ancient Golem Ruins
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 4
  • StarStarStar2: Level 5
  • StarStarStar: Level 6

Champ: Level 7 ▐ Crest: Ancient Golem Ruins

Shadow Forest
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 7
  • StarStarStar2: Level 8
  • StarStarStar: Level 9

Champ: Level 10 ▐ Crest: Shadow Forest

Lacerta Hunting Ground
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 10
  • StarStarStar2: Level 11
  • StarStarStar: Level 12

Champ: Level 13 ▐ Crest: Lacerta Hunting Ground

Land of Despair
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 13
  • StarStarStar2: Level 14
  • StarStarStar: Level 15

Champ: Level 16 ▐ Crest: Land of Despair

Dimension's End
  • StarStar2Star2: Level 16
  • StarStarStar2: Level 17
  • StarStarStar: Level 18

Champ: Level 19 ▐ Crest: Dimension's End



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