Note: As of Grand Chase Season 3, Treasure Chests no longer exist.

Treasure Chests are basically boxes that contain items for Runes. There are three different types of Treasure Chests, each type for a different rune.
Treasure Chest

Obtaining Treasure ChestsEdit

To obtain a Treasure Chest, one must complete a dungeon on Champion Mode. It should be noted that they will not drop every time, unlike Jewel Boxes, which drop with every successful completion of the dungeon.

Items InsideEdit

Treasure Chests will often contain Aging Cores, Old Runes, Runes, and Rune Books. The type of Runes and Rune Books found in the Chests depend on the type of Chest itself. Aging Cores can be contained by all Treasure Chests, regardless of type.

Treasure Chest TypesEdit

Brave Treasure ChestEdit

  • Old Brave Runes
  • Brave Runes
  • Book: Brave Rune

Holy Treasure ChestEdit

  • Old Holy Runes
  • Holy Runes
  • Book: Holy Rune

Honor Treasure ChestEdit

  • Old Honor Runes
  • Honor Runes
  • Book: Honor Rune


There is a glitch in obtaining Treasure Chests of any type. If one plays as the Abyss Knight class (not the character himself) then the player will not obtain a Treasure Chest. This also applies to the Jewel Boxes.

See AlsoEdit

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