Transcendence is an upper armor accessory, and a weapon used by the demon Void. It can be obtained by defeating Void of Thunder Hammer in Champion Mode. It has a counterpart, Eclipse. Players may use Transcendence to forge Eclipse and Transcendence.

Because Transcendence is always an Epic-type item, it is extremely hard to obtain.

Although it is never actually seen being used, Grandark hints that it is an extremely powerful weapon.


"Forge relic items with the powers of spell sword, Transcendence!"


  • Level: 70
  • Attack: 201
  • Defense: 201
  • Vitality: 0


  • Transcendence bears a striking resemblance to a Spell Sword.
  • Unlike Grandark or Eclipse, Transcendence is the only legendary demon weapon that has no known significance, just only hinted to be powerful demonic sword.

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