Tornado Caller Armor Set - Only obtainable during 6th Seal Breaker Gacha

Required Lv. 40


Full Tornado Caller Armor set on the character Sieghart

Obtained from 6th Seal Breaker Gacha



Stats (Armor)

Helmet: 482 Defence

Upper Body: 562 Defence

Lower Body: 562 Defence

Gloves: 669 Attack

Boots: 401 Vitality

Cape: 535 Vitality

Weapon: 1873 Attack

Stats (Accessories)

Upper Head: 107 Defence, 161 Vitality

Upper Body: 134 Attack, 134 Defence

Lower Body: 107 Attack, 161 Vitality

Sheild: 187 Attack, 80 Vitality

Tornado Caller Big Head: 270 Defence, 270 Vitality


  • Stats will differ depending on the character you aquire the armor for.
  • The Wind / Tornado / Storm Caller armor was brought out before Dio, Zero, Ley, Rufus, Rin/Lin, Asin, Lime. As such they cannot get this armor.
  • Unlike the current Seal Breaker Gacha's, the 8th set and before all had Big Head armor peices instead of the lower head accessory.
  • The Big Head armor peices came in levels 5, 25 and 45 instead of 20,40 and 60. They were also character specific.

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