Thunder Hammer Weapons are a type of weapon that are found in Thunder Hammer (dungeon) at a low drop rate, or can be crafted in the create/dismantle option on the menu. It is said that they were crafted by Dwarf Artisans (craftmens; most likely blacksmiths) of the Dwarf Capital. These Items can be created for every character, except dio.

A [Weapon] crafted with care by the Dwarven Artisans of Thunder Hammer.

Required Lv. 75


Attack: 1960


Vitality: 0

ITEMS NEEDED TO CRAFT:2011-09-05 0342

118 Concentrated Alcubrium

88 Alcubrium

37 Crystals

128 Refined Rubys

70 Archimedia's Prescious Pearls


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