Thunder Hammer Guard
Thunder Hammer Guards
(Thunder Hammer Defenders deep within in Thunder Hammer) are frontline defenders who work for their capital, Thunder Hammer.

They first appear in Under Hammer in an attempt to halt the Chase. Elesis suggests an attack on the defenders, while Ronan and Sieghart disagree, as violence should not be caused and it would be easier to reach Thunder Hammer.
Many of them are scattered throughout Thunder Hammer (aside from the jail), posing a huge threat to players prior to their high defenses.


Attacks include frontal sweeps, upper sweeps, charging, and even counterattacking with increased resistance.(most of the attack cause knockup)

Because of their sturdy armor, they cannot be knocked down, and possess a Super Armored function thanks to their shields. Of course, their back side is unprotected.
Interestingly enough, they have no "Arrow Defense" unlike the Fanatic Shield Soldier, despite the fact that the Thunder Hammer Guards have a shield,and they can't throw their axe unlike Thunder Hammer Defenders despite both of them hold an axe.

If one attacks the Guards with a knockdown attack, they will retaliate and have a huge defense buff during the animation,then charge with their shield. Due to this plus the tendency of knocking down, the guards can be incredibly tough to kill. Therefore, players must rely on anti-knockdown attacks (ie- Black Space).

Thunder Hammer DefendersEdit

It is noted that there is another set of the Guards, Thunder Hammer Defenders. As the dungeon progresses, there are three of them (two guarding Arawn and one actually standing infront of the boss portal) that are initially higher levels than the rest within the dungeon.

Defenders are known to throw their axes and will withstand many attacks dished out.


  • These are the only known non-bosses that have two identical, different variations.

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