Starklin, also known as Zig, is the boss of The Wyrm's Maw, and the God of Flames and Brimstone.

Starkiln is the holder of the Orb of Hell Fire.

Before Season 3, he was extremely enraged and blinded by anger. Upon being defeated, he is fully aware of the Chase's appearance, and questions on what they need help on.
As of Season 3 (along with some debugging), he was also raged, but was already aware of their appearance. However, he also mistakes them as an enemy, calling them "sinners". After he is defeated, he states that he "burned" the sinners that follow Ascendant God, but doing so, made him feel weak. After the Chase's appearance, he has regained full strength, and offers them his orb.

Attacks Edit

His main attack is a combo attack that punches the player twice. The second one knocks the player into the air before he quickly slashes them downward with his swords. Another attack he uses frequently is one where he is seen extending his swords before slashing the air in front of him twice. Both of these attacks can also hit players directly behind him. He also does a charging attack, in which he runs forward at high speed and rams the player with his shoulder. From time to time, he will use an attack similar to the Dragon Knight's Road-Star Chaser special, only this attack only launches three (sometimes two) spikes made of flame, and are yet closer to his feet. Lastly, he uses a danger attack upon reaching half HP. For this attack, he summons a full grown Wyrm that looks much like the dragon from the Dragon Knight's Arc Breath special. The Wyrm flies forward spewing flames. They descend while moving forward, so be sure to be under or behind the Wyrm before he launches too much of the flames.

When Starklin summons his Dragon (via Danger) for the first time, his Symbol of Flames (Wings) will appear.

AI Exploit: Starkiln will stand still when attacked up close, only using his 2-hit sword combo or the Danger attack. He'll start becoming mobile and use range attacks when players are always in motion or hit him from afar.


  • Certain missions say that he is the "God of Fire and Brimstone", which is strangely the name of the Temple of Destruction's Champion Crest.
  • Oddly enough, there is a God of Fire on Ellia, and as both Fire and Flames are technically the same, there can be two gods with the same attribute.
  • He is the only deity that does not have his own "Captain Protector" (aka Mini Boss).
  • Strangely, he is the only deity vulnerable to any Skill Freeze effect, despite that he should be immune to it prior to being supernatural and large.
  • He is the only deity that doesn't spawn another minion. However, he does summon a Dragon when his "wings" appear at the back, though not a technical fought creature.
  • Before Season 3, he was the only Deity that was unaware of the Grand Chase's appearance, nor even knowing their intent.
  • Starklin and Gaia are the only deities that does not have their own soundtrack. However, in Gaia's case, it is due to the fact that she is never fought.
  • He was previously seen attacking Serdin Park in an event, though it was likely for effect.

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