Game Start

"You just signed your death warrant."
"If I were you I'd walk away while you still have your legs attached."
"No one has fought me and lived!"
"Let's get this going."
"Hey, kid! Class is in session."
"Heheheheheheh... So you're here to pick a fight with a legend?"
"Show me whatchu got"

When Attacking

"Come on!"
"Eat this!"
"This is the end!"

Stance Change

"Heavy Smash!"
"Adrenaline Attack!"

Rage Mode

"Soul Break!"


"Iron Crusher!"
"Flame Sword!"
"Flame Sword!"
"Grinding Punisher!"
"Soul Extinction!"
"Mortal Fear!"
"Savage Attack!"
"Punisher Combo!"
"Fire Blaster!"
"Illusion Attack!"
"Rule Break!"
"Rising Weapon!"
"Dread Punisher!"
"Power Liberation!"
"Highlander Assault!"
"Soul Edge!"
"Unlimited Blade!"
"Birth of Blades!"


"Yeah, you should just go ahead and attack if you have the courage."
"Why so serious?"
"Come on, at least give me a challenge."
"What are you doing, noob?"
"Aw, come on! I've got better things to do."
"Need a break?"
"Was that it?"
"Prepare to die!"


"Ugh! Yup, yup, it's about time for me to start."
"Uwhuh! That's nothing."



Game End

"Too easy!"
"Not just anyone can be a legend..."
"So how does it feel to fight with a legend?"
"Wow, you managed to live!"
"Are you frightened by me? This is only the beginning."
"Did you really just try challenging me?"
"I've waited three hundred years to finish this fight."