Dark Acolyte

Dark Acolytes are a type of monster found at Victor's Fortress. One named Shadow Emissary serves as a Mini-Boss in Ruins of the Silver Knights. Another named the Infernal Acolyte lives in The Crucible.


Dark Acolytes have three attacks. One is a simple push. They can also summon three slow moving meteors similar to the meteors of the Battle Mage's Deep Impact, inflicting medium-high damage that can kill if the player has been damaged from previous fighting, or is a much lower level. They can be easy to avoid but unlike the Battle Mage's Deep Impact, they can be a little hard to see until it was too late. A third attack is where they will shoot out a curse orb that travels in a straight line.

Infernal Acolyte

The Crucible contains the Infernal Acolytes. They lose their staffs, and are only limited to summoning meteors as their offensive attacks. However, they can put up small barriers similar to the Spell Knight's Wind Shield, deflecting all ranged attacks, as well as healing incredibly large amounts of HP to themselves and their allies.

Hellstrom is capable of summoning these creatures. They can make the battle quite tedious due to their healing abilities.

Lvl 36 - Dark Acolyte

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