Sethek or Setesh is the boss of the Goblin Work Site. He appears to be a mummy and a larger form of the Grim Priors.
This boss cannot be knocked down, but can be stunned.

He, of course, mistreats the Grand Chase like all the others saying he could make sacrifices of them, and then mocks by saying his spells are impenetratable (although Lire claims that they have a weak point). He also has an imprisoned goblin by the name of Barakhufu.


He has three attacks. Firstly, he can create short ranged tornadoes. He may summon lightning on where the target last stood. He can also use his staff to create a fiery vortex that sucks in opponents and eventually unleashes an array of fire bursts all around.

He is also able to teleport, and even summon more Grim Priors.
Sethek has one powerful spell. He creates a red pentagram, which gives him super armor and immunity on the front for 7 seconds so whenever the target attacks on the front, he will absorb the damage and convert it into HP. However, his backside is not protected, as Lire predicted.


  • In irony, Lire states that Sethek's magic is "imperfect" (mostly towards his defensive spells), yet many other beings, like Arme, are well known to process high levels of immunity (most noticeably her Earth Wave and Fire Shield).
  • His name derives from the Egyptian god of desert, storms, and chaos: Set (also spelled Seth, Sheth, Sutekh, Setan or Seteh)

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