Sentry Keeper #1

Sentry Keeper No. 1 is a guardian and boss of Under Hammer. In pair with Sentry Keeper No. 2, they try to defend Thunder Hammer. Sentry Keeper No. 1 is more of a range type.

No. 1 is in a green color, while No. 2 in a red color. 2 also carries a mini-gun.


The Sentry Keeper has three attacks. It can shoot a powerful explosion infront, or shoot missiles as well. It can also fire a massive green laser that goes the long distance.

Warning: If you kill Sentry 2, Sentry 1 will become enraged, enhancing its attack and defense power. Vise versa.


  • This is the only boss that is paired with another boss, similar to how both Dark Storm and Furious Storm are paired as mini-bosses.
  • This monster is a robot made out of barrels.

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