Sand Youngling
Sand Younglings are the spawn of the Sand Ruler, and many of them dwell inside a hive. They all appear in the Sands of Illusion.

In the platform map, the spawns appear out of a nest and tend to swarm its enemies. The numbers of spawns is determined by how many players are left standing, whereas they duplicate every so often.
Also, the Sand Ruler can give birth to these things as well.


The younglings do not have a specific attack. Instead, they will fly to their enemies and stalk them leaving off a heavy DoT effect.

All the younglings can be killed by just one slice of a sword, but they do appear every so often, making them an annoyance. Also, a single youngling can easily trim off the HP of a person in a matter of seconds, making them very lethal.


  • Technically, the Sand Youngling is not a monster, but rather, a hazardous object. However, they are considered monsters as they eventually grow into the Sand Ruler.

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