Holy Tree's Branch

Rukkha's Branch

Rukkha's Branches are monsters that are a part of Rukkha itself and attack during the fight. They resemble the boss itself, except with darker coloration. There are four of them. Each of them withhold 25% of Rukkha's HP, and must be defeated in order to deal damage to the main head.


Rukkha's Branches have only one attack. They will lunge forward, if players are nearby, to the end of the screen, damaging players in their path. Each Branch lunges forward in one specific direction. The top left Rukkha Branch will lunge to the bottom right diagonal corner or to the right. The top right Branch will lunge to the bottom left corner or to the left.The bottom left Branch will lunge to the right, and the bottom right Branch will lunge to the left.

The death of all four Branches will cause Rukkha to make it rain a red substance that does small damage to players almost constantly, unless they use some dodge mechanism.

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