Rukkha's head

Rukkha (also known as the Holy Tree or Divine Tree in foreign servers) is the boss of the Forest of Life. Gaia, the Goddess of Life, is trapped inside of Rukkha, and the two would've merged together if Grand Chase hadn't intervened.

2 Poisonous Thorn Nunklemons and 4 of Rukkha's Branches accompany Rukkha in battle. It is also capable of spawning more Poisonous Thorn Nunklemons, and tends to spam the summon often.

Players are unable to damage Rukkha until they have killed off at least one of its Branches. It is impossible to kill Rukkha without killing off all its branches first. Remember, each branch holds 1/4th of its life.

Defeating Rukkha may sometimes grant players the Orb of Life, which is given by Gaia.


Rukkha has only three attacks. The first is a roar to the left, right, or middle of its location that has a wide radius, indicated by the yellow that appears from his roar. The second is where it will randomly send up plant spikes similar to the Viken's Nature Frenzy Skill at one or more players. It can be easily dodged by staying in the air for as often as possible. The third attack is only used once per battle, and only when all four Rukkha's Branches die. Rukkha will summon a rainfall of a red substance, causing small damage almost constantly that can kill players for the remainder of the battle. Only when Rukkha is finally defeated will the pollution end.

Sometimes throughout the battle, yellow globs will appear randomly on the ground. If players touch these, they will regain full health, but will heal Rukkha as well. It is a small price to pay, especially once the rain has begun, as it can save players from death for a time.

The Nunklemons will sometimes die by themselves, creating a cloud of poison to damage players.


  • According to Perseo, he claims Rukkha is the Forest God. However, one may find this illogical as Gaia is the one who governs over nature, and therefore, controls Rukkha.
  • Because Rukkha poses "Treant" Rings, it can be specified that this giant tree is a Treant.
  • Soundtrack ("Drama01") is played after Rukkha's defeat, making it one of six bosses that possess a defeated Soundtrack, the other five being Gaikoz, Victor, Kaze'aze, Thanatos, and the Sand Ruler.
  • Rukkha represents the other 5 Gods encountered, because it has 5 branches (including the main head).
  • Rukkha having Gaia enclosed in itself may as well represent the Greek myth of Gaia being the 'grandmother' of the Hydra, which Rukkha is seemingly based upon.

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