Game Start

"For the glory of Kanavan!"
"Okay! Let's begin!"
"It would be best for you to remember the power of the magic sword!
"Do your best!"
"I will pass judgment now!"
"Do your best!"
"I'll put my all into it!"
"As a knight, you should not show your back!"
"You are at your limit!"

When Attacking

"Ragna Bolt!"
"Psychic Force!"
"Psychic Force!"
"Mono Volt!"
"Dust Chip!"
"Raising Thrust!"
"Soul Blaze!"


"Rune Spiral!"
"Giga Crash!"
"Kanavan Strike!"
"Holy Bless!"
"Blast Bomb!"
"Lunatic Force!"
"Illusion Edge!"
"Dark Slayer!"
"Soul Breaker!"
"Cross Breaker!"
"Tempest Blade!"
"Infinity Sword!"
"Sword Tempest!"
"Road Star Chaser!"
"Holy Inferno!"
"Spell the Rune!"
"Holy Sphere!"
"Blast Wave!"
"Divine Slash!"
"Furious Rush!"
"Blame Buster!"
"Rune Flare!"
"Magic Defend!"
"Dark Slayer!"
"Arc Breath!"
"Shadow Stinger!"
"Rock Blaster!"
"Tornado Stinger!"
"Soul Wave!"
"Abyss Storm!"
"Heaven's Guardian!"
"Tempest Blade!"


"Are you asleep?"
"This is your limit!"
"Would you like to have a break?"
"That's boring."
"You're a whole new kind of stupid."
"Are you asleep?"
"Why don't you just give up?"
"You don't have the conviction of a knight!"


"It's not finished yet...!"
"I can fight again!"

Game End

"Justice will never die!"
"It's my victory."
"Thanks for a job well done."
"Rest in peace."
"It's my victory!"
"Glory to Kanavan!"
"This is your limit!"
"It's just a difference of level."


"Arc Breath!"
"Hell Slayer!"

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