• An evidence to how secluded Gaon, Rin's hometown, is from the world is when Rin decides to seek help from Kounat, not knowing it was destroyed a very long time ago.
  • Rin is No. 8 of the Twelve Disciples.


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Wings of Light and Darkness

  • Currently, Rin lacks a surname.
  • Rin is the first MP character to have the job stacking quality.
  • Rin is the first character made by the ideas of players, specifically the Brazilian players. A poll was made for them to determine the character's skills, theme, fighting style, personality, and weapon, and Rin was the result.
  • Rin has a special fusion item named "Wings of Light and Darkness" which can be unlocked in a minigame during her release. However, the wings are purely black in colour, which is rather strange for an item that embodies both light and darkness.
    • The wings are also exactly the same with an older wing accessory called "Fallen Angel Wing." [1]
  • In the North American server, Rin is the second character after Rufus to have her job classes released consecutively.</span>