Game Start

"Well then, shall we begin?"
"Destruction is also a new start."

When Attacking

"Take this!"


"Flash of Light!"
"Eye of the Storm!"
"Final Flash of Light!"
"Unstoppable Strength!"
"Enraged Wind!"
"Shield of Souls!"
"Restrained Light!"
"Endless Strength!"
"Desperate Strength!"
"Screaming Gust!"
"Fierce Wind!"
"Wings of the Wind!"
"Shredded Soul!"
"Celestial Light!"
"Inner Flame!"
"Inner Passion!"
"Spread Out!"
"Rise Up!"
"Eternal Light!"
"The First Explosion!"


"How about just giving up now?"
"Today is a good day for destruction."


"It all starts now."

Game End

"I don't want anymore people to disappear..."
"Hahahaha! I'm finally released from this stifling seal."

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