Grand Chase M
Defense Type

Character's ProfileEdit

"As the continent was waging war for a long time, a researcher from Serdin decided to create a humanoid weapon to end the war. A girl who was dying from the war was chosen to become a test subject. however, as the experiment was at the final stage, they were attacked by those who realized the existence of humanoid weapon experiment. Before his death, the researcher input his last command 'Protect Humans' into her, in order to prevent her from being used as destructive weapon. Since then the girl named Rica fights for the peace of all mankind."


Active Passive Specials
Rank 1 Ultimate Punch - Inflincts 1303 Physical DMG to nearby enemies ignoring DEF, reduces the enemy's healing effect by -40.3% for 8 sec and sends airborne. Fire Shield - Reduces DMG you receive by 40.4%, while inflicting 585 fixed DMG every 3 to nearby enemy. Operation Code Special - Increases the STR by 50 for 10 sec, inflincts 5733 Physical DMG to all enemies and sends them airborne.
Rank 3 Shockwave Missile - Inflincts 4741 Physical DMG to enemies in the rear and stuns them for 4 sec. Every 2nd use of the skill will increase by 200%.
Rank 5 Operation Code 0 - Inflincts 7168 Physical DMG to all enemies when you die.


Effect: All Stat Increase + 20

Requirement: Gwen, Rica

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