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Rake Hand Accessory


Stygian's Rake Hand


Drakar's Rake Hand

The Rake Hand is an arm ornament accessory that was designed after Dio's own rake hand.


"No description."


  • Level: 15
  • Attack: 81
  • Defense: 0
  • Vitality: 35

Drop LocationsEdit



Leviathan Rake Hand

  • DuskbringerHand

    Dusk Bringer's Rake Hand

    The Rake Hand was based on the Elsword character Raven who had a mechanical arm called the Nasod Arm which was bent on raging destruction.
  • When Dio makes his job changes, the Rake Hand grows in size and shape, becoming much more demonic.
  • A part in the Drakar Skill Tree calls the Rake Hand the "Hand of Evil".

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