Dungeon 001

Quoronnos, also known as Chromos, is the boss of Zeruel. It is summoned by Dahlia to do away with the dark elf kingdom.



Quoronnos with Magma Armor

At the start of the battle, Quoronnos will procure a magma armor around itself that will render all damage to it negligible. This armor will be broken after several attacks, and hence forth Quoronnos can be damaged. It will only occasionally recreate the armor. The magma armor's strength is based on a percentage of Quoronnos's remaining HP at the time of its casting. As of Eternal, Quoronnons will no longer develop his magma armor.

Quoronnos's main attack is to continuously summon a cursed blood rain that will do heavy and rapid damage over time to the player for the 20 seconds while the rain is in effect. It will immediately summon the rain the moment the previous rain's effect ends. This damage over time effect can be avoided for as long as Gilberta remains alive, as she will constantly cast a water shield over the player that will eliminate the damage until she falls from the poison effect.

Quoronnos has three basic attacks: it can breathe a long jet of flame that deals damage and pushes players away, it can stomp its foot, or it can target a single player and charge at them.

Quoronnos will also perform a jump attack similar to the Sentinel's Flying Divider at regular intervals. It will leap into the sky in one big jump and continuously pursue a player for a short distance. After about three seconds, Quoronnos will land and deal heavy damage to those around its landing area if not avoided.

If the player stays out of Quoronnos's range, it may summon a rain of meteors across the entire map that will cause instant death to players hit by the skill, knocking up players and usually throwing them into the range of another meteor. A way to avoid the meteors is going towards Gilberta, who will summon a dome-shaped barrier when the attack occurs to protect the players inside, should she be still alive.

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