Purrfectly Wright Aviator - Only obtainable during 9th Seal Breaker Gacha

Required Lv. 10 - 70


The Purrfectly Wright Armor being worn by the character Lass wielding the Dagger version of the weapons (Missing the Lower Head Accessory)

Obtained from 9th Seal Breaker Gacha



Lv. 40:Edit

Helmet: 401 Defence

Upper Armor: 468 Defence

Lower Armor: 468 Defence

Gloves: 936 Attack

Boots: 401 Vitality

Cape/Mantle: 535 Vitality

Weapon: 1873 Attack Accessories

Upper Head: 107 Defence, 161 Vitality

Lower Head: ?

Upper Body: 134 Attack, 134 Vitality

Lower Body: 107 Attack, 161 Defence

Sheild: 187 Attack, 80 Vitality

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