Perseo's Accessories

Perseo's Accessories are a set of accessories that were made by Perseo. Currently only the Stompers and Shields may be crafted, in Rare grade, from the Xenia map Forge menu.


"Incredibly durable accessories made from an unidentifiable mineral. Rumor has it that Perseo made them as protection for the woman he loves."

Crafting Edit

Perseo forge

The crafting requirements are 60 Gems and 30 Crystals for each piece. The character forging the items must have access to the Xenia continent. Items forged are character-specific.


Level: 63

Perseo's HeadressEdit

  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: 142
  • Vitality: 213

Perseo's ShieldsEdit

  • Attack: 229
  • Defense: 0
  • Vitality: 98

Perseo's WingsEdit

  • Attack: 164
  • Defense: 164
  • Vitality: 0

Perseo's StompersEdit

  • Attack: 131
  • Defense: 197
  • Vitality: 0

Drop LocationsEdit

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