Hell Strength
The Pearl of Persephone Earrings are special ear accessories. They have similar properties (but not stats) to
Pearl of Persephone Earrings

Pearl of Persephone Earrings

the Soul Stealer Crest. They can be obtained with 65 Hero's Bullions. However, they are character specific.

A unique ability of the earrings is to create a special aura for a few seconds. The aura appears randomly, but only in Dungeons. When activated, a buff called "Hell's Strength" will take place, granting it's user Super Armor and an Attack Buff (x1.455 attack) for 17 seconds with a cooldown of 15.


"Earrings made from a mineral mined from the Pearl of Persephone. Wearing them will activate Super Armor and increase attack at a set rate. You may not equip two sets of earrings from the same series."


  • Level: 55
  • Attack: 128
  • Defense: 128
  • Vitality: 130
  • Effect: HP + 15.00% in Dungeons
  • Effect: Special Attack Resistance + 15.00%
  • Effect: Increased PvP Spawn Invincibility + 15.00%
  • Effect: EXP + 5.00%

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