Partusay is a Neptune-like boss who wields a Trident, symbolizing his power over water. Partusay is the boss of Partusay's Sea. The fight consists of, in a way, three parts, all at once. This is due to the fact the player must fight three parts of Partusay at once, his head, his arms, and his legs.



His head consists of only one attack, but players must deal a finishing blow to his head in order to fully beat him. The head of Partusay shoots out a laser occasionally as the only attack. You will know this attack is coming if the screen turns a shade darker, also, the crystal on his forehead will show a twinkle before the laser is shot. Once the arms are destroyed, players usually have to jump in order to attack the head.
Note: Even if you "kill" the head, it will still keep attacking. Therefore, its advised to kill the head last.


His arms do one of two attacks. One of them is where he stabs the players on the platforms with his trident. They also can summon whirlpools similar to the Mini Ice Golem's whirlpool. The whirlpools all spawn in the same place no matter what.


All his legs do is simply create an earthquake (jump attack). However, there is no warning as to when the attack happens, so players attacking his arms or head may not know when to dodge until it is too late. It is advised to destroy his legs first, then attack his head and arms next, as players can attack both the head and arms together.


  • Partusay is considered a "Poseidon", a Greek God of the Seas. It might be possible that Partusay is another God as well.
  • He is a unique boss, as there are multiple points that connect to him.

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