Paradom at Forgotten City.

Paradom (Ancient Paradom in the latter) is the boss of Forgotten City and is a mini-boss at the Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor. There is a later model known as the Magma Paradom.


The Paradom is a giant diamond shaped machine that only shoots out a pink laser. Paradom's basic attack is not very hard to dodge but keeps players on their feet. Paradom will rotate about 45 degrees to fire its laser in 4 directions, each parallel to the slot in its body. Then it will rotate back to its starting point and will fire the lasers once again, except this time its lasers will go up, down, left and right. It sometimes goes to the top of the screen and shoots a beam out below it and goes from one side to the other. Another attack is signaled by the words 'DANGER', and then Paradom shoots out a large, damaging beam horizontally, only dodgeable by a skill, hiding behind the boss, or by jumping on a platform above or below the boss.

Paradom has a fourth move, but it isn't an attack. Paradom will make a pulsing mirror in front of it that reflects most projectiles or pet attacks which may possibly harm and/or kill allies or yourself. It cannot use any other move with this mirror up.

Tips for defeating Paradom

  • Crossbowman and Arme are reccomended. Arme's dash makes her invincible, so if the player is about to die and Paradom shoots right at them, they will not take any damage. Crossbowman also has the same effect, and a bonus tip. Crossbowman have a large jump, which makes it possible to dodge the 'DANGER' attack very easily.
  • If players are caught in Paradom's 'DANGER' attack, they should charge their MP and force themselves into a counter attack. They will lose some MP, but they cannot take damage when fallen. By the time the player gets up, his attack will be over.



  • It is known that after studying Paradom, Mari created a machine to mimic its movements. Mari's 1st Job, Rune Caster utilizes this machine for the skill 'Eraser', using the Paradom's "Travel Beam". She also bears one of its moves as Gun Slinger, using its "Danger Laser".
  • Paradom is the only boss that continues its attacks even when defeated. For example, if its doing the quad-laser, it will keep going until the attack finishes.

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