Season 3's Orc Lord

Orc Lord

Season 2's Orc Lord

The Orc Lord is the boss of the Orc Temple and a mini-boss of the Battle for Bermesiah. His weapon is a hammer.

He appears in Orc Temple, whereas the Chase tries to stop his influence with Kaze'aze. He is simply defeated.
The Lord then reappears during the siege of Battle for Bermesiah, much stronger this time. He claims to be "reborn" and serves only Dark Anmon. However, he is defeated much like the last time.


The Orc Lord has a variety of attacks. He sometimes does a combo on the players. He also has a quick jump attack, which damages players if they do not jump. Sometimes the Orc Lord does a combo, followed by a slam to the ground with his hammer, causing a small quake. Also, he sometimes attacks the ground, sending out earth spikes in front of him.

In the Battle for Bermesiah, he can spawn Orcs, unlike the one in his temple.


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