Octus, Guardian of the Forest

Octus Humanoid

Octus' Humanoid form

Octus, Guardian of the Forest, is one of two bosses at the Xenia Border, the other being Lenasian.
Players can choose which boss they fight, depending on which path they take at the room they must jump across.

At first, Octus is seen in the Violet Forest who then mocks the Chase of challenging him.
The latter reveals that Octus and Lenasian, two gatekeepers, have been taken control of by Ascendant God in order to attack the Grand Chase in an attempt to halt the journey to the next area of the continent. He is defeated, and spits out his story as well, and then wishes them luck like everyone else.


Octus commonly either does a four-hit combo, a ram, or slams the ground using a Jump effect + close range hit. Sometimes he uses a roar that boasts both infinite vertical and horizontal range to one side.

Like Lenasian, Octus is fought twice with the second being stronger and capable of summoning.

It is guarded by approximately three Native Spearmens.


  • When Octus is met, the character is already corrupted, unlike Lenasian.
  • Strangely, it isn't fought on Relay Dungeons.
  • This boss is actually fought twice in the same form.
  • This boss actually shares a dungeon with another boss.
  • It's Monster Card suggests Octus is a cow.

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