Naamah (or Nemophila) the Soul Eater is the boss of the Sanctum of Destruction. She is a high ranking demon and is capable of controlling spirits and is said to consume them. She also controls the Demon Core that sources Naamah's power and intakes the souls.

Naamah constantly states she wants to intake the souls of the world, fuel her Demon Core, and make everyone into her underlings. Dio comments that if she isn't eliminated, the rest of the world would be destroyed.


Naamah has an extreme variety of attacks. She can hoist a poisonous DoT mist, place a mist that causes two status ailment that either causes them to damage themselves by 100% of the damage they inflicted due to attacking or darken their visual surroundings, summon a vortex to absorb her targets to explode upon oblivion, shoot numerous dark orbs out of random portals on the map, and create impenetratable shields around herself. However, the shield is damage absorb, so enough hits will make it go away.
Demon Core

The Demon Core

Naamah is capable of summoning incredibly large amounts of Feeble Gaunts and create an alter-ego of herself; Naamah's Soul, which has all her powers and the same damage (but not health) causing double the trouble. She is also capable of sending out an orb that, if it touches a player, will spawn a Feeble Gaunt and place the players in it, preventing them from doing anything for a certain period of time, in which the Feeble Gaunt will die. If the Feeble Gaunt that contains a player in it is killed through any means (within the exception where the spell wears off), then the player will die with the Feeble Gaunt.

Naamah is a stationary target, though she can teleport at will.

After some point, the Demon Core will activate; it will instantly kill all players on the battlefield within 20 seconds. In addition, Naamah will put up a barrier that reduces all damage to one, basically making her immune. Players must access the portal in the middle of the map to warp to the bottom area, cross the gaps to avoid being sent back to the portal, reach the Demon Core and deactivate it with enough hits. If successful, players will warp back to Naamah and she (but not her Gaunts or her Soul) will be stunned for a short while.


  • It is possible for Naamah or a similar demon to appear within Archimedia as many species of Demons get unsealed from their dimensions and have invaded this world.

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