Mynos, also called Bultaros, is the boss of Valstrath and is Ashtaroth's familiar. Mynos is a large, bulky dragon, created from the magic of Ashtaroth.


Mynos has numerous attacks. One of them is a combo where he attacks the player multiple times, trapping them until the very last hit, where he elbows the player and causes a small earthquake which can knock nearby players up into the air. Another one, which is noted with a Buster, is a giant fireball that Mynos shoots out in front of him if players are farther away. He can also jump into the air, where he targets one of the players.

There are times when Ashtaroth will use a single attack, shown with a Danger, where he will summon numerous meteors, similar to the Battle Mage's Deep Impact. Whenever this happens, Vanessa will create a shield that will protect everyone if inside it. Mynos will remain immobile until near the very end of the attack, where he commonly does his jump attack, or his combo if players are closer.


  • The summoned beast of Magnus Dan's Lord of Valhalla bears a striking resemblance to Mynos.
  • Technically it isn't the real boss of Valstrath, because it is a "Minion". Ashtaroth summoned this beast, making him the real boss. Mynos is also a lower level than his master.

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