The Monster Train Attendant is one of the monsters found on the Monster Train 301.


Though the Monster Train Attendant has only one attack, which is to slap a player for a low amount of damage, she is the cleric of the dungeon and is able to heal her allies by casting either a small, homing healing orb, or a large barrier that heals incredible amounts of HP to her allies that are within its aura.

She may also blow a kiss, which takes the form of several hearts and homes in on nearby players. If hit, the player is transformed into a Mournful Passenger and if the transformed Mournful Passenger is killed, the player that was transformed dies along with it.

Monster Train Attendants in the second room of the Monster Train 301 are also capable of summoning two Monster Train Security Personnel with a whistle. However, they will only do this once and only after several Security Personnel have been defeated.

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