Introduction Monsters
A monster is the most basic enemy in Grand Chase. There are many unique monsters in the game each with their own devastating attacks and abilities. Monsters can appear in more than one dungeon or be dungeon exclusive. As players traverse to higher levels of dungeons, monsters will become much more challenging.

According to Kounat's History, the demonic forces who were stranded in Aernas after the wars between humans and demons ended gave rise to monsters.


  • Many monsters, including higher leveled ones as well as bosses, have an incredibly sloppy artificial intelligence along with extremely few abilities that are not very hazardous, and thus, are very easy to kill, provided they aren't overwhelming the player. However, they are also very hard to group in one spot.
    • This has been changed in Season V: monsters now have increased damage output albeit giving their attacks away with visual indicators, and their AI was tweaked a little bit to constantly chase the player; this could prove beneficial to the latter since monsters will group up faster than before.
  • Above Trial Forest and Trial Tower, monsters can gain properties, enhancing their abilities.
  • Certain monsters have a tendency to appear in various different forms and/or locations. This can be hazardous to missions, as they are only fixed on one type in a species in one location.
  • When a monster is knocked down, they are immune as they recover from the fall (attacking is an exception). Therefore, it is vital to keep the monster standing, otherwise, much time may be wasted
    • However, In Season 3 they can be damaged when they are knocked down.
  • When monster(s) are spawned by another monster, they do not need to be defeated in order to progress. However, all monsters that were originally on the map must.
  • In Season 3, all bosses that are slain are given a slow-mo effect while being zoomed upon.

Bermesiah Continent

Trial Forest

Trial Tower

Outer Wall of Serdin

Kerrie Beach

Orc Temple

Gorgos' Dungeon

Elven Forest

Gorge of Oath

Marsh of Oblivion

Forsaken Barrows

Forgotten City

Gaikoz's Castle

Silver Land

The Whispering Woods

Ruins of the Silver Knights

Lake Aurora

King Guang's Fen

Primeval Island

King Fang's Lair

Victor's Fortress

The Crucible

Ellia Continent

Partusay's Sea

Kamiki's Castle

Temple of Fire

Hell Bridge

Kaze'aze's Castle

Kastulle Ruins Lower Floor

Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor

Battle for Bermesiah

Left Route (Ruined Gorge of Oath)

Right Route (Ruined Outer Wall of Serdin)

Both Routes

Sanctum of Destruction

Xenia Continent

Xenia Border

Both Routes

Left Route (Violet Forest)

Top Route (Red Forest)

Temple of Cuatal


The Wyrm's Maw

Altar of Judgment

Temple of Destruction

Forest of Life

Fortress of Ascension


Goblin Work Site

Underpass of Lost Hope

Kungji Village

Sands of Illusion

Deserted Town

Ra Canyon

Seth's Pyramid


Hammer's Reach

Under Hammer

Thunder Hammer

Relics of Kounat

Zeruel Border


Kounat's Collapse

Event Dungeons

Nightmare Circus

Underworld Express 301

Moonlight Village

Talin's Revenge

Removed Monsters

The below are monsters that have been removed entirely from the game due to a certain patch.

Season 2 Update

Season 3 Update: Bermesiah/Silver Land/Alcubra Revamps