Two variations of Mongban.
Regular (Left). Leader (Right)


Season 3 Leader Mongban

Mongbans are large, sumo-like monsters. There are also two variations of it; Dark Mongbans, that are a purpleish-blue color, Regular, that were white, and Mongban Leaders, which are red.


It will attack players with either a simple two-hit combo, a lunge that will cause an earthquake that knocks nearby players into the air, and an electric storm that will deal a few hits if you are close to it. The lunge usually appears as a counter attack, usually in response to being hit a large amount of time without being able to move.

Only the Leaders have an attack that shoots 3 bombs like the Alchemist's 3rd grade black magic skill. It replaces the Electric Storm.



  • In the Bermesiah Revamp, the regular Mongbans were written out.
  • The "Dark Mongban" card accually has a typo, as it says "Dark Monban".
Lvl 40 - Dark Monban

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