A Gashimon at Valstrath

The Gashimon is a brown, somewhat spiked creature. Their thorns are said to be stronger than steel and sharper than a blade. They come in many various varieties. It appears mostly on the Xenia Continent, and a few on Silver Land.

Another variation is the Moss Monster, the Magmok, the Coral Fiend (or Coralmon), the Poisonous Thorn Nunklemon (occasionally written as Poisonous Thorn Monster, or Poisonous Thorn Vile Mon), and the Infernal Magmok.



It commonly attacks by swinging at the player twice, then slamming its fists on the ground, creating a small quake that knocks nearby players into the air (excluding the Poisonous Thorn Nunklemon). They may also do a tackle while jumping and then landing on the floor. The Gashimon also does a rolling attack that carries the player with it, causing additional damage once it stops if the players do not escape from it. It can sometimes be stopped by attacks that normally knock enemies down.

Moss Monster and Coral FiendEdit

The Moss Monster and the Coral Fiend have a unique attack, that raises their elbow and dashes forward, inflicting damage to those in its ways.


When the Magmok does its rolling attack, it leaves a trail of flames on its path. Its flame trail also has the status, if any, of the Magmok's. For example, if it has "Freeze", players will be frozen amongst the flame trail.

Infernal MagmokEdit

A Magmok that lives in The Crucible. They are slightly larger than their normal counterparts, so their flame trails are larger as well. In addition to their attacks, they have a multi-hit bite attack.

Poisonous Thorn NunklemonEdit

The Poisonous Thorn Nunklemon has a a unique attack. It is able to shoot thorns out in numerous directions in front of it. Also, when it dies, it leaves behind a cloud of purple smog that continuously damages players standing inside of it. The smog stays around for a minute. It is even capable of killing players, making it one of the Nunklemon's most dangerous attacks. This can be a nuisance in the Forest of Life on three star, especially in a small room containing five of these.
Note that if the Nunklemons are killed by a launcher-type attack or in mid-air, they will not produce the smog.

In the battle against Rukkha, Poisonous Thorn Nunklemons will sometimes die automatically, thus creating even more danger for players.


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