Lotus is the boss of the event dungeon, Moonlight Village, and the default form of the Gumiho. She drains the Grand Chase's MP and AP upon meeting her and comments on its exquisite taste, saying that they will pay for causing the disturbance in her village with their lives.

In the hidden route, if she is defeated and Jeremiah is successfully rescued in the room prior to the boss room, she will transform into her true form, Gumiho.


Lotus has several attacks: she can perform a spin rapidly and charge down her targets, knocking them into the air. She can also toss several bombs above her that look like coins, which explodes if they come in contact with the player. The coin bombs will also explode after a set time.

Lotus is also able to create a shield around her that reduces the damage taken and saps the MP and AP of those nearby her. She can summon magic missiles that cut across the screen horizontally on three different planes, and she can launch a large orb in front of her that locks the player's skills upon hit, preventing them from being used for a duration of time.

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