Season 3's Lich


Season 2's Lich

The Lich is the boss of Forsaken Barrows and is also a mini-boss at Hell Bridge, with two of them appearing there.

According to Arme, a Lich is a powerful, undead wizard that is revitalized by certain magic.


Lich attacks with mainly magic, although he occasionally tries to attack the player with his staff if the player gets too close. He can use a shortened version of Arme's Lightning Bolt skill, and can summon undead hands that trap the player like Treant's vines, which can allow other enemies to attack the trapped player. The Lich in Forsaken Barrows can also summon two Zombie Orc Warriors if one or both have been killed. Lich cannot be knocked down, although he can be knocked back.


  • Lich, in par with Dark Mages, are considered "Necromancers".
  • Lich's mask resembles Ichigo's Hollow mask from the manga and anime, Bleach.

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