Ley and Edna

Edna being reincarnated into Ley

Ley Ultimate

Ley's Awakening set

  • Ley is Edna reincarnated; she possesses her own and Edna's souls as a result of a ritual to save her when she was critically ill as a child. Because of this, Rufus considers Ley a target.
  • Ley has a mark on her back that is identical to the one on Edna's chest.
  • Ley has a butler named Jeeves. Being one of her faithful servants, Jeeves may sometimes fight for Ley instead.
  • According to a Brazilian article, Ley's Awakening set is based on the alternate reality where she is healthy and did not need Oz to cure her. Thus, Ley did not connect with the soul of Edna and grew up without taking on Edna's appearance and her taste of fighting. Instead, she followed the magic career of her family and became a witch, spending more time reading books on magic and having to wear glasses as a result. Her hair is also blonde, implying that it was originally that way before being cured.


Status Ley Wings

Ley's wings unfurling

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Ley 1st concept art

  • Ley's English voice actor is Amy Lucas, who also voices Lime.
  • Ley has different translations of her name in foreign servers. These names are Rey, May, and Lay.
  • As she advances in her classes, Ley increasingly resembles a vampire/succubus. This is further emphasized by her longer fangs, visible in some of her official artworks, and her newfound ability to call forth bats as Evoker and Dark Matriarch, something that is also shared by the Elsword class Void Princess.
  • Ley is one of two characters that are seen levitating when idle and walking, the other being Veigas.
  • Like Dio, when Ley is standing idle, her wings unfurl. However, the wings do not unfurl with her first class.
  • Ley is the first and currently only female AP character.
  • Ley is the only AP character to not have her base appearance change with any job advancements. The only noticeable change is her ultima's glow getting stronger as she progresses through her classes.
  • Ley is the only character who can summon a freely moving creature with an AI, similar to a dungeon monster.
    Tumblr lbobeiMPW61qdsqjk

    Ley 2nd concept art

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    Ley 3rd concept art

    • Ronan's Aegis Knight class previously had this ability. It was removed with the Erudon Weapons update.
  • Despite being a "moderate", Ley enjoys pure destruction and fighting much like the "extremists".
  • Like Arme, Ronan, Lass, Sieghart, Dio, Zero, and Rufus, despite the fact that darkness is shown in this game as evil and that demons are generally viewed as such, Ley uses her powers for the good of mankind, even though some of her mannerisms can sometimes clash with the interests of mankind.
  • Ley's appearance is asymmetrical. She has a horn at her right side and three spikes on the left, as well as has two spikes on her left cheek and none on the right. This also applies to her butler, Jeeves, suggesting that this style is the trademark of the Crimson River Family.
    • Aside from her head, the difference between her left and right clothes can be seen here. As seen, she has a bracelet made by combining ovals on her right arm and two round bracelets on the left, her skirt has a chain on the left and three holes on the right, and she only has one legging on the right.