Lenasien, Guardian of the Wind

Lenasien Humanoid

Lenasien's Humanoid form

Lenasien, Guardian of the Wind, is one of the two bosses that lie in Xenia Border, the other being Octus. Taking the top route in the jump of the dungeon leads to Lenasien.

Firstly, Lenasien is seen in the outskirts of Xenia Border, who has been awaiting the Chase and wishes to support them. It then rushes off afterward.

It is revealed that both Lenasien and Octus have been possessed by an ominous voice, leading to their attack on Grand Chase. He is calmed afterward and thanks them with a story and wishes.


Lenasien will commonly do a 4-hit combo that traps the user before the last hit which launches them upward or a 2-hit rush. Sometimes it will send out a purple sphere from its mouth moving at a horizontal angle, that prior to impact, will spread a poisonous purple mist. It may also leap backward to shoot out the sphere as well. Lenasien can also do three air slices, but are green and longer, and can send one directly horizontally of it, the other at a forty degree angle upwards, and the other at a forty degree angle downwards.

It is actually fought twice, the second being stronger and capable of summoning.

It is guarded by approximately three Native Spearmens.


  • This boss is actually fought twice in the same form.
  • This boss actually shares a dungeon with another boss.
  • Its Monster Card suggests Lenasien is a dog.

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