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"The thief that cuts through the darkness."

Main Info

  • Name: Lass Isolet[2]
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Unknown
  • Likes: To be alone[1]
  • Dislikes: His past, circuses[1]
  • Weakness: Dogs[1]

A half breed, Lass was born of a father who came from the depths of the Underworld and a human mother. His hideous appearance as a child was a side effect of being a half breed, and he was abducted to serve as a freak show in a circus. After the circus catches fire for some mysterious reason, Lass took his chance for freedom and began wandering Aernas.

Lass’ mind and body were freed from Kaze'aze's possession after the Grand Chase vanquished Kaze'aze's evil from the world. Although he wasn’t in control of his actions, Lass still felt guilty when he realized that his body was used as Kaze'aze's vessel to devastate the continent and kill countless innocents. The members of the Grand Chase understood that Lass was determined to right his wrongs, allowed him to join them on their journey to restore peace to the continent. With the resurrection of Kaze'aze at the Tower of Disappearance, Lass burns with the desire for vengeance.


Lass is usually very quiet and very withdrawn. Unless absolutely necessary, he will choose to avoid people. However, if the help requested is from people he deems trustworthy, Lass will assist them to the best of his ability.

He is very reliable in the long term but has difficulty mixing with people. As a Gemini, he does not let anyone get too close, guarding many secrets within the confines of his heart. The increasing pressure to suppress his feelings ends up facilitating the creation of destructive emotions. He does not show his emotions but loses reason sometimes.


Lass can be unlocked by purchasing a Mission scroll from the shop and completing its objective.

"I am almost certain that you have what it takes to defeat Kaze'aze. However, I heard something rather strange. They said that Kaze'aze looks like a little boy. Gosh, what was his name... Lassy? Lazlo? Lass?"

- Knight Master -

Lass Mission

Lass Mission.

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-Out Lass Mission
9800 Cash Lass Mission(Cash)
  • Collect 1 Gem.


Child Lass
  • Though Lass shares his surname with the Knight Master, there is no confirmation of a familial relationship between the two.
    • However, since Lass is born in the Wilde family, the surname "Isolet" is likely borrowed.
  • In Kastulle Ruins Upper Floor, Lass claims to be an "expert explorer".
  • Though Lass is a half-demon, he is never seen using demonic powers or abilities in-game.
  • While Rufus seems to know who Lass is and searches for him after the incident with the Nightmare Circus, Lass is completely clueless to Rufus' identity, as revealed in the dialogues of the Wizard's Labyrinth.
  • Lass has a power known as the blue flame, though he does not seem aware of it. According to a Brazilian article, it is a power inherited from his demon father Legis, and it only manifests itself when he loses control or goes berserk. The true extent of this ability still remains unknown.
    • According to the same article, Lass was abandoned by his mother when she saw scale-like protrusions all over his body. It is not known how he managed to appear fully human presently.
  • Lass is stated to be a child, possibly no older than 13, leaving his age semi-known and possibly making him the youngest character of the Chase. However, it is also possible he could be as old as an adult, as there are signs that he is more on the age line of Ronan and Jin. His spoken taunts and phrases lead one to believe he has been doing his job for some time. He is also content to call other combatants "newbies," implying they're less experienced than himself.
    • With the release of the Striker class, it is said Lass was made the leader of the Silver Cross Thieves. It is extremely unlikely an entire guild of thieves to accept a "child," no matter how skilled, to be their leader. They do however accept him due to his "young age," which furthers the idea he isn't over 20 years old, but still probably amongst the age of the others of the Grand Chase.
    • His taunt "You're one hundred years too early to fight me" is often misinterpreted as Lass being more than a hundred years old. However, it means his opponent is a newbie who lacks much-needed training.
    • According to the Latin America server, Lass' age is stated as "apparently 12 years old". However, according to the Chinese server, Lass has the appearance of a 16-year-old.
  • Lass has a pet puppy whose name, interestingly enough, is Kaze'doggeh, bearing a striking resemblance to Kaze'aze.


  • The Elsword character Raven may have been partially based on Lass, particularly the background story. Raven was a soldier who was being promoted to Tactical Captain. However, the Nobles of the land disliked him, so Raven was framed right to prison. Seemingly destined to die after his co-workers and fiance were murdered trying to rescue him, Raven was taken to the Nasods where he was reborn and possessed by them. Raven, after meeting and defeated by Elsword, realized his terrible crimes and joined his group to repay his sins.
    • Raven also had a mechanical arm, which possessed Raven into utter rage and insanity, much like how Lass was possessed by Kaze'aze to perform terrible deeds.
    • Much like the possessed Lass, Raven is also a boss enemy.
  • In order of release, Lass was supposedly the fourth character in other versions. In the North American and Philippines server, he swapped positions with Ronan, making Lass the fifth released character.
  • Lass is known as Las in the Korean server due to censorship issues.
  • Lass' name, in fact, is an Arabic translation of "Thief", which is read as "Lass". His name refers to his base job "Thief".
  • Lass is currently the only character who plays as a boss/mini-boss enemy.
  • Currently he is the only male character with Type 2 Abilities for all 3 skill levels.
  • On the release of Lass' Skill Tree, the style that he holds his daggers were changed even if the players had no Skill Tree on.
  • Like Arme, Ronan, Sieghart, Dio, Zero, Ley, and Rufus, despite the fact that darkness is shown in this game as evil and that thievery and assassination is viewed as negative, Lass and his guild act for the good of mankind. He is well aware of his past as an unwilling puppet and has made amends to successfully redeem himself.
  • Lass is somewhat a dual-wielder for all classes.
    • Thief and Dark Assassin wields two weapons (two Daggers and two Claws).
    • Assassin uses a Scimitar and has a chain on his arm.
    • Striker holds a Nodachi and a Scabbard, though he doesn't attack with the Scabbard.
  • Lass had three voice actors since his release in the North American version of the game. One has an English accent, one has an Australian accent, and the other has a North American accent. All three voice actors have yet to been identified.


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Game Start

"There is only victory for me."
"You're no match for me!"
"My attacks are merciless."
"Aren't you brave? Bring it, newbie."


"Thunder Slash!"
"Evil Attack!"
"Final Strike!"
"Double Slash!"
"Blood Bash!"
"Guardian Strike!"
"Gust Thunder!"
"Frenzy Sword!"
"Splash Explosion!"
"Deadly Sharp!"
"Invisible State!"
"Hyper Sonic Step!"
"Unlimited Blade!"
"Laser Cutter!"
"Phantom Blade!"
"Blade Spirit!"


"Come on, newbie!"
"Aren't you brave? Bring it, newbie."
"You're one hundred years too early to fight me."
"Come on, baby."


"Haa... I didn't know you were that bad."

Game End

"You're one hundred years too early to fight me."
"Stay out of my way!"
"Heheh, this is enough for warming up."
"You are no match for me!"
"There is only victory for me."